The Blackcomb glacier in British Columbia is a spectacular place. Mogul Logic will provide the ultimate freestyle skiing environment with well-maintained moguls, tables, rails, trampolines and water ramps.

Your skiing future starts here.
Summer is a great opportunity to make huge improvements in your technique. From Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge winners, Junior Olympic champions to Olympic Medalists, our camp produces successful skiers year after year. Our program teaches the training strategies, routines and techniques used by the best freestyle skiers in the sport. 

Perfect Skiing Environment!
This is your chance to break from your normal skiing routine and gain a new perspective from the worlds best freestyle skiers. Our teaching progression has been developed through over 18 years of experience. Blackcomb is a perfect training environment. Our moguls, jumps, tables, and rails are built to provide an amazing training environment!

Big Air!
Mogul Logic provides a complete progression from trampolines to water ramps to snow! Our Big Air program provides fun and instruction through all phases of the learning process. All trampoline sessions are fully coached including skill progressions for all the new tricks. Our tables and jumps are perfectly maintained providing a safe and fun environment for learning new tricks on snow. We pride ourselves on having some of the most unique training features on the hill and this year promises to be more of the same.

Blackcomb Summer Skiing
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