Come learn directly from some of the best skiers and coaches in the world. We recognize the value in learning from those that have achieved success in the sport. Our staff is loaded with National Team members and World Champions that love to share their passion for the sport. All of our staff members fully participate in the Mogul Logic program.

David Babic
8 year US Ski Team Member
Multiple World Cup Winner
Camp Director

Sho Kashima
Current 7 year National Team Member
Multiple World Cup Podiums
World Champion Representative
2006, 2007, and 2009 Duals National Champion

Joe Discoe
Current 5 year National Team Member
World Cup Podium
2011 Duals National Champion
2010 National Champion
World Champion Representative

Freddy Mooney
Former US Freestyle Ski Team member
Head Coach-Winter Park Freestyle Team

Katie Babic- Counselor
Masters in Counseling

Emiko Torito
  9 Year US Ski Team Member
  World Cup Winner
  U.S. Extreme Freeskiing   
      Championships Podium

Pierre Alexander Rousseau
   2010 Olympian!
   2008 World Champion
   Multiple World Cup Winner
   13 year Canadian National 
       Team Member

Chuck Martin
  4 time World Cup Pro Mogul  
  7 Year Member of the US Ski 

Jen Heil
  Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist!
  Canadian National Team Member

Ann Battelle
  4 time US Olympic Team Member
  2 time World Champion

Sammi Mustonen
  1998 Olympic Bronze Medalist
  Finland National Team Member
Alex Wilson
  1998 Olympian
  7 year member of the US Ski 

Kristen Brown
  1995 Women's World Pro
         Mogul Champion
  Former Member of US Ski Team

Travis Cabral
  Former World Champion
  Former US Ski Team Member

John Dowling
  Former Canadian National Team 

Past Great Coaches
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